$70.00+ Strings Includes Neck adjust, action adjustment at nut and saddle, minor fret work, tighten tuner screws and nuts, lubricate tuning machines, general clean up, restring. (12 string – add $20.00)



$70.00 may or may not include raw material. If your guitar has worn frets, a bowed neck, or an ill fitting saddle, expect additional cost to correct these problems. Many repairmen will not install a new nut if other problems are not also addressed. (12 string – add $20.00)



$50.00 may or may not include raw material. Same qualifications as with “new nut”.



$100.00 Remove and refit old bridge. Very minor touchup included. (12 string bridges- add $20.00).


FRET LEVELING (“Filing”, “Dressing”…) 

$100.00 Worn or uneven frets can he filed level in many cases, if there will remain enough height on the fret to suit the customer. Frets must be lowered to the height of the lowest pit that can be found. Sometimes, replacing the most worn frets is appropriate. Includes “set up” adjustments. (Add $20.00 for finished maple fretboards).



$15.00 per fret, plus the set up charge add $50.00 for fretboards with binding. New nut or saddle may be necessary. Shop minimum may also apply. (Add $20.00 for 12 String).



$300.00 and up. Remove neck. Re-cut heel/body angle to correct high action. Replace neck. New saddle often included, but new nut often extra. Additional fret work and bridge work may also be necessary.



$25.00 per inch or by quote (particularly for shattered areas). Includes glue and brush touchup with appropriate finish. Cleating (installing small patches of wood inside guitar to reinforce repair) as necessary. Repairs often not invisible.



$150.00 and up, by quote. Glue, seal and re-finish area. Repairs often not invisible, but finish should be smooth.



$75.00 – $150.00. Expand endpin hole to accommodate jack. Wire pickup to pre-amp and jack. Fit and re-size old saddle for proper action and contact with pickup. May require new saddle and re-rout of saddle slot (additional). There are other variables relating to pre-amps which must be individually quoted.



$50.00 and up.



$50.00 and up, by quote.



$50.00 Bench Minimum



$20.00 per part, plus parts.

Tube Amp Repair


Tube Amp Bias

Maximize tube life while providing a strong healthy tone quality, by proper adjustment to release the optimal tube operating characteristics. Tubes initially drift quite a bit from their correct bias point. This means that a new tube will change its characteristics quite a bit, and that once a day or two of use is on the tube, that the characteristics will stabilize to a large extent. This is very important to understand and use. Over time your tubes will require a different correct bias voltage in order to run at optimum performance. Failure to keep tubes properly biased can reduce an otherwise fine tube’s lifespan by years.


Variable Fixed Bias Amplifier 

$80.00- amp has an adjustable component already

Non-Adjustable Fixed or Cathode Bias Amplifier 

$100.00- amp does not have adjustable component – must be set by installing a different fixed value component – an adjustable component can be substituted in this instance if customer desires variable fixed/cathode bias for cost of component.

Amp Maintenance

$120.00 plus cost of components

Includes tube amp bias cleaning potentiometers, cleaning and re-tensioning tube sockets, diagnose and advise on general operation, specifications, condition of all tubes, power supply and failed or missing components.

Amp Maintenance + Power Supply Cap Job 

$160.00 plus cost of capacitors

Includes the above and additional labor to replace power supply capacitors.

Breathe new life into your amp by replacing power supply capacitors. This will restore the strong, healthy hum-free punch your amp was born with. Get rid of the the mud now. Electrolytic capacitors are rated for 10 years of life. Failure of a single capacitor in your bias circuit can cause hundreds of dollars of damage. At risk are your output tubes, sockets, resistors, and audio and power transformers.


Amp Maintenance + Full Cap Job 

$200 plus cost of capacitors

Includes the above, plus the labor to replace the remaining electrolytic capacitors, which are in the audio circuit. Due to the fact that these capacitors are under less stress, they generally outlive their rated lifespan of 10 years. Although we recommend replacing these caps no later than the 20 year mark, most players choose to perform this work during the ten year service for sonic and safety concerns.Since these caps are in the audio circuit, unlike the power supply caps, you can expect a difference in the tonality of the amp. Specifically, the amp will sound like it did when it was new. In general terms, capacitors will drift from their rated value until they are outside the stated tolerance or fail. When they fail it is usually due to leaking of the electrolyte in the case of power supply caps, or breakdown of the dielectric in the case of electrolytic caps in the audio circuit. Depending on where in the circuit the cap is, the effect on the way an amp sounds can be varied.




$20.00 – $40.00 per switch, plus parts.



$25.00 plus parts. Note: Archtop guitars will often incur $50.00 upcharge to
remove and re-install wiring harness for all electrical work.



$50.00 per pickup





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